About Cripps Recruitment

Cripps Recruitment is a specialist Accountancy recruitment service based in Oxfordshire. We pride ourselves on uncovering the best possible calibre of candidate for your role, be it within an Accountancy Firm or Commerce & Industry.
By far the best results we produce come from our exclusive searches. This way we can offer the client a single point of contact, and if we decide to bring other agencies in to assist, they liaise with us.
Clients love this – they avoid numerous time-consuming approaches from/contact with other agencies and we can deliver a more competitive solution as we know that business will result at the end of it. We can conduct an exhaustive campaign, in the knowledge that our time will be remunerated.
So why the resistance from some clients? The mistaken belief that they might miss out on a particular candidate. However, everybody has the same access to candidates. Yes, some candidates are loyal to particular agencies & relationships endure; but it is how the recruiter interacts with candidate and client which remains of paramount importance.
For more information about our exclusive recruitment options, please contact Anthony on anthony@crippsrecruitment.co.uk or on 07751 893618

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